28 May, 2019

How to Design Budget 2 BHK Flats in Gurgaon for a Weekend Getaway

Weekend homes are more and more becoming popular with the urban homebuyers in the city of Gurgaon. However, to put your vacation home to maximal advantage, see to it that it’s ingenious, well-made and well-appointed with fittings and fixtures that offer you the basic comfort amid all seasons. Plus, since most of these vacation homes, for example, stylish yet affordable flats in Gurugram are planned in the city’s outskirts, it’s key to take into account the climate and landscape.

Read on to learn a few vital tips that contribute to planning and bringing to fruition the weekend home of your dreams.

Find out what works well for your location

  • The first and foremost step to designing your vacation home is to gauge the needs pertaining to the location.
  • Since Gurgaon has an extreme climatic type with severely hot and dry summers and equally chilly winters, sufficient precautions need to be taken in terms of proper ventilation and cooling.
  • You can use a generous dose of steel and metal in your home décor as the dry climate won’t pose any risks of rusting and corrosion.

Indulge in a décor that requires low maintenance

  • Your weekend dwelling which may be one from the best housing projects in Gurgaon should ideally have a design that comes up with all-out comfort and minimal hassle.
  • Keep in mind, your home will be occupied only during short, hurried getaways.
  • So stay away from types of furniture and fabrics that need your absolute care and attention.
  • You might opt for fabrics like cotton that gives superior ease of use and upkeep.
  • On the contrary, upholstered stuff demands regular care and cleaning. Therefore, they may perhaps be not a good choice.
  • In addition, before leaving your house to again get confined within the frenzied rat race don’t overlook the idea of wrapping your furniture and accessories with a thin fabric sheet to lessen the cleaning time on every occasion you revisit.

Opt for the minimalist, uncluttered look

  • A simple way in acing up the design of your weekend abode is by keeping things plain and understated.
  • Steer clear of too many accent pieces or accessories.
  • Be in possession of only the most indispensable items and appliances meant for adding more coziness and delight to your stay.

Plump for neutral tones that are easy on the eye

  • The ultimate goal of your weekend home, which may be one from the first-rate budget 2 BHK flats in Gurgaon, is to proffer you with enough space for relaxation.
  • In line with this thought process, it’s most appropriate to choose and implement a neutral color theme all through, straight from the walls and items of furniture to your décor.
  • Handpick from an eclectic array of pastel greens, greys, blues and beige which are classic and engender a calming effect.

Tote up a garden with lots of greenery

  • Fancy plants? Wonderful - Not anything other than plants does add a fresh and rejuvenating touch.
  • Nonetheless, as applicable to everything else, make certain you invest in plants that are low-maintenance and endure prolonged periods of inattention.
  • A few great options are strong, resilient plants such as bougainvillea, flamboyant caladiums, diverse varieties of palm trees, and tropical evergreens like crotons.
  • Just ensure that you prune the plants and water them adequately during each of your visits and they’ll just be fine.
  • Furthermore, you can think of building your own rock garden chock-full with several kinds of cacti.
  • They just about need no upkeep yet look brilliant.


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